As we pause for a moment at the top of 2017 and look at the year ahead I would like to offer this piece as a personal reflection. As an entrepreneur or as a business leader YOU are essentially your business. YOU are your own brand ambassador. Do you like the brand you are sharing in your conversations with others; including customers, family, friends and strangers (or as I like call them – people I am meeting for the first time). A big part about growing our business and growing our lives is about becoming bigger versions of ourselves and defining our success on our own terms.

Have you thought about what a successful 2017 year looks like for you? Most business owners or leaders will have a financial target in mind for 2017 and will call the year successful if that is achieved. Of course having a financial growth target is smart and is a good business practice. However, if that is all you have in your definition of a successful year then you are likely missing many growth opportunities and therefore many celebrations! Don’t we all need more reasons to celebrate in our lives? I invite you to take some time to really think about what success means to you and what it looks like in your life beyond the financials.

Maybe success looks like: slowing down your pace a little so you can enjoy all the small moments of joy that life has to offer; signing up for that art lesson you have secretly wanted to take; deeper and more meaningful relationship with your family, friends and customers.
I invite you to expand your definition of success so that you can maximize the moments of joy and delight in your days. Each time you meet a goal – celebrate it!! This brighter, more joyful YOU will be excellent for business. Happy New Year!!

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