Last July, we began this journey together discussing how to consciously plan for and tend to your business. As we look back on everything that we have touched upon we are finally ready to come to the “action” portion. This is the part that everyone wants to jump into right away, prior to doing any other work. When we have a problem we tend to want to jump into solving it; it’s what we are used to doing.

I am an engineer. I get it. I was bred to problem solve.

This keeps us very ‘busy’ in our business, solving all sorts of problems. We value “doing” as a society so much that if we don’t have an immediate action to take then we feel we are wasting our time. It can feel like a struggle to slow down and mindfully assess the situation before getting to any “doing”. The journey we have taken together so far has walked us through some important steps prior to filling our “to do” list.

Are you starting to feel the pain a little yourself? We have been talking together for months and we haven’t really got to the “doing” part yet. Or have we?

We have spent a lot of time gaining clarity on our Purpose and how we want to fulfill it. We have created a clear Vision of where we are going. Then we spent some time really considering our current Community and the one we need to make. Now, it is time to shift into alignment with all of this work, to take inspired action towards our vision and mostly importantly to feel great along the way.

And so as not to jump too quickly into the ‘doing’… we will get into more about what this looks like next month. 😉

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