We are now moving into the final quadrant of the Medicine Wheel Tool © This is the “doing” quadrant, and the one most people in our culture want to jump into first! But when we do this it becomes the problem solving or fixing quadrant. However, when we approach this quadrant after intentionally moving through the Medicine Wheel ToolTM, this quadrant is where thoughtful and powerful action plans are developed. These action plans are the precise steps that are required to move towards your vision.

Don’t get me wrong, working through the medicine wheel will not rid you of distractions but, now you will be prepared. Your purpose will be clearly defined as well as the core values. You will have a clear vision of where you are going with an energized and committed community ready to execute your plans and to make powerful decisions along the way. This clarity helps to properly identify a distraction and gives us permission to say “no” while maintaining all of our power.

The action or “doing” emerges from the open and invigorating conversations that occur while working in the community quadrant. When given time and space to discuss many ideas, over time (usually less than a day) themes emerge and these themes become your action plans. There are often less than 5 action plans but they are robust and have a direct impact on moving toward the vision. There is often a lot of positive energy behind these action plans because they were truly co-created. This eliminates the need for “buy-in” (aka convincing). When we co-create, it is positive energy that fuels the action, which greatly impacts the outcome or result.

We have taken one complete trip around this amazing tool on our journey together over the last year. It has been my pleasure.

Medicine Wheel Tool © Genuine Contact Group

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