I believe that each of our faces grows brighter the more we know ourselves. For the more we know ourselves the more we can know one another. I host regular community circles and I often start with reminding myself and everyone in the circle that I host them because I feel like humans need more safe places to gather to connect with oneself, with one another and with a community.

We have conversations with ourselves all day long and often don’t even really notice. Yoga class lead me to get curious about the conversations I was having with myself, then Louise L Hay totally levelled up my game in that realm. If you haven’t read anything by Louise, I highly recommend it. Her teachings changed my life and how I see it and most importantly how I participate in it. I used to think that life ‘just happened’ and I essentially ‘just happened’. I always knew the power of choice but only in an external way. Louise helped me to discover the power of choice that happens within… All. Day. Long.

I believe there are many aspects to overall health from food choices, to exercise, sleep, rest, play, relationships etc. The Art of Meaningful Conversations with Yourself is about nurturing the relationship you have with yourself.

The intention of LuminUS Faces is to create and provide opportunities for individuals to:

• Slow down your pace so you can hear your intuition
• Learn to trust your inner guidance
• Feel what is true for you
• Build your own evidence so you can be inspired all of your own accord
• Gain clarity around you purpose
• Make choice about how you want to practice living and why
• Feel the power you have to make choices that are best for you
• Feel nurtured, loved, seen, heard and truly witnessed along your journey