As we venture into the second month of the year, my hope is that you have gifted yourself some thoughtful time to set a few powerful intentions. These intentions will help move you towards your big vision for your business in 2017. From your intentions you will begin taking some inspired action towards your vision.

But first, I invite you to mindfully reflect on your community that forms your business including your valued team members, business partners, customers, mentors and competitors. It is the energetic relationship that exists between members of your community that can greatly impact the way in which you move forward towards your vision, or perhaps even contribute to why you may not be moving forwarding. It is important to tend to these relationships as some of the energy exchanges are useful, kind, collaborative, energizing, fulfilling and, some are draining, uninspiring and perhaps even toxic. The catch is there doesn’t even have to be an actual conversation or interaction for this energy exchange to occur. To recognize the impact of these exchanges we often just have to think about a past interaction or a future interaction and we can notice how we feel.

Some important questions to ask yourself about those in your community are:

Do we have the best community to achieve our vision?
Who do you need to ask for help or ask to join your community?
What needs to be let go of? This could be a relationship, an agreement, a partnership or a limiting belief.
What needs to be tended to?

Once you have honestly answered these questions it is important to take your precise right actions to build the community you need to achieve your goals. While doing this work rely on your values that you have decided are most important to guide you.

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