This past summer, The LuminUS Group went out on a limb and ventured into some taboo topics for our Women’s circles. As I write them out it is almost shocking to me that these are still taboo but, remembering how nervous I felt creating the space for them and even noticing that I am still nervous to open this space up again reminds me of their taboo nature. We talked all things marriage, money and sex this summer during our Sizzling Summer Circle Series.

Through these circles we learned that these topics that we as women deal with daily are still not discussed in a meaningful way…. expect perhaps in a one on one conversation with a friend you trust. Like What?!?!? For real? The impetus for creating these specific circles was from a realization I had during our first Grade 9 girls day last year. The girls get to pick their own topics at this event that they would like to discuss. Sex and relationships always comes up. When I was listening to the grade 9 girls stumble through the sex conversation, a lightning bolt struck and I thought ‘I bet grown women sound the exact same talking about sex”. As we explored this idea we realized that marriage, money and sex are all topics that we all squirm about. They are part of our daily life, sex is splayed everywhere, weddings are always happening and money is needed by everyone yet where are the meaningful conversations about these? Where is the community? Where do we learn and grow in a safe place about these topics?

So, this summer we boldly put these topics out in the world and what we realized during the circles is that we are just scratching the surface. We also realized that there are likely so many more women who are looking for a safe place to have a meaningful conversation about one or all of these topics. We took what we learned this summer and have decided to open up these circles. We have rented out a space at the Best Western in Brantford so that anyone can join us. We also decided to combine the topic into one: Marriage, Money and Sex. We will host this circle monthly so that we can hold a space for women to gather and to connect over meaningful conversation. The format of the evening is super cool and allows all the conversations that are ready to emerge on any given evening to emerge. As a participant you get to co-create the topics, choose which have the most meaning for you and participate in any way you choose. Quietly listening is an amazing option too!

My vision of women coming together, supporting one another, listening and sharing warms my heart. I want women to feel a part of something in a meaningful way. I don’t want any women to feel alone, isolated in their thoughts and feelings about these important topics or any topics for that matter. I have learned that meaningful conversations have the power to change everything or one tiny thing.

I invite you to join us. Bring a friend. Make an evening of it. Meet an amazing community of women. Help us co-create a large community where all can feel safe, loved and supported. I promise we will laugh. Likely a lot.