LuminUS Academy has been a long time dream for me. What began as a dream to open my own school evolved into this beautiful offering. I am an elementary teacher and I wanted to change the way we teach our children. I wanted kindness, love, community, mental health and safety as a priority and foundation from where could then build upon with math, language and other curriculum. In the early days, I thought the only way that was possible was by leaving the public school system and creating my own school.

As I continued down my teaching path I had the opportunity to be a Special Education Teacher for 2 years. This experienced showed me that I could begin sharing my knowledge and passion for changing the way we teach…right in the school that I was in. Game Changer!!! I slowly released the idea of opening my own school and started to visualize and materialize how I could apply the LuminUS frameworks and tools in cooperation with my knowledge while teaching at the public school level.

From here we birthed a new version of LuminUS Academy, one that we could share with many more people than the few families I would have served at my private school. It has taken time to work with and experiment with these frameworks in the classroom but we have had tremendous success and, of course, lots of fun along the way. We shared our vision with our network and soon had people in high school and in college using the LuminUS Academy ideas in their classrooms as well.

It has blossomed into more than I could have ever imagined and I cannot wait to see where we will go next! I invite you to follow along here to learn more as we have lots to share.

So, my dream for LuminUS Academy is not what I initially imagined it to be… and I am so grateful because if I had held on too tightly to that dream it couldn’t have expanded into this!