Last month we talked about having the “right” community of passionate and interested people to help achieve your business goals and to attain your vision. I have come to deeply understand that community is a vital, rich and important topic so, I’d like to continue our conversation.

I believe that most organizations, regardless of their size, only use a small percentage of the wisdom in their organization. I suspect one of the reasons is because we are not well practiced at creating an environment where it feels safe enough to share. Some of the limiting beliefs that keep us from sharing and from creating a safe space include:

• The fear of failing
• The fear of being judged
• The fear of being wrong
• The fear of be right; and thereby making someone else look bad

In my experience people are not consciously and intentionally creating unsafe space yet many people have harsh self-judgments. Also, when prompted with an inkling of fear we tend to react with behaviours including judgement, blame or shame (either spoken or silent). These layers of judgements and fear get in the way of truly sharing our wisdom. When one person feels fearful to share it usually means everyone is fearful to share. If one person feels judged, then most likely everyone feels judged. This all happens silently through unspoken assumptions and expectations both of ourselves and of others.

When we bring a group of people together and truly tend to listening, sharing, understanding, clarifying and trusting we begin to create safe space. Once this is created and nourished you will see see conversations with more passion, increased creativity, greater trust and possibly even more joy. By simply setting an intention to create safe space, you can have a huge impact on how your next meeting goes and how the foundation of your community is created. I invite you to give it a try.

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