After creating your community (that is working from a solid foundation of purpose, values and vision) the next step is to allow the wisdom of this community to emerge. When the collective wisdom is given freedom to emerge, the inspired action required to achieve your vision can be fuelled by passion, competency and creativity.

Setting your intention to allow this wisdom to emerge is important but there are also some key steps to hosting and facilitating a working session that allows for creativity, curiosity, courage, clarity and collaboration to unfold.

I believe these five c’s are imperative to creating and executing the inspiring actions that are going to move you towards your vision. It is important to first allow for divergence in conversations where nothing is rejected and everyone is able to breathe. Encourage the community to co-create the agenda topics in a space free of judgment where people feel safe. This safe environment is critical for this process as it takes tremendous courage to share ideas, wisdom and your personal creativity. After thoughtful conversations about all the topics, it is time to assess what key themes are emerging following the passion and energy that has emerged. Next, begins the convergence process to produce 2-5 key action plans that everyone is really excited about because they all believe it is the way to achieving your collective vision.

Taking the time to create a solid foundation and then honouring all of the wisdom the organization has, leads to new solutions to old problems, creates shifts in perspectives, enables creativity and passion and sets the team up with a clear path to their destination while building and nurturing strong relationships among the team and perhaps larger organization. This results in a team that is clear about their priorities, minimizes distractions and puts you on the path to success.

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