As it turns out I have more that I would like to share on the theme of building, nourishing and co-creating community. I believe this is a lost art or perhaps one that we were never really great at as a species. Business is where we gather and spend more time than anywhere else. It therefore becomes a community by default and a default community is typically life-depleting. Think about it for a moment please. Do you gain energy from your working environment or do you lose energy to it? Conscious attention is required to shift a community from a default, life-depleting community to a vibrant and thriving life-nurturing community.

There is a collective idea of “they” in a workplace, especially one that is a little larger and certainly one that is a corporation. “They” gets blamed for all sorts of things that make people unhappy. Who is “they”? My definition of “they” is an energetic presence that is made up of a collection of our individual beliefs and mindsets called Assumptions. This Assumption energy makes decisions for the organization, starts rumours, sets tone, creates judgment and is judged by the members of the company. “They” represent what we are each willing to accept for silence breeds acceptance. Quiet rumblings and disagreement are only words when our actions and behaviours are in line with the rules “they” have implemented. This is a result of a default community, a life-depleting environment subconsciously created by our unspoken and perhaps even unknown fears.

When we each take responsibility for contributing to “they” we begin to create an energy system that supports our life force and creates space for our collective wisdom to emerge. Problems begin to fall away as the organization becomes in alignment with the community they are consciously co-creating. Behaviours and actions align with Purpose and Values and with what the community truly wants.

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