As we round out the end of the year, I figured this topic is timely- as many businesses are planning for next year. Often, discussions of budget planning arise, which is smart and of course it is important to know the financial plans for the following year. I think most business owners know how to do this well. In addition, I believe we need to create a vision of where we are going. This vision can include the financials or not- it is not necessary for this exercise.

What does it mean to create a vision?

When working with clients on creating vision, I bust out the art supplies. Yes, you read this right. I am talking old school art supplies- markers, scissors, glue. This often makes everyone cringe for a moment and if I am completely honest with you it even makes me cringe every single time. I suspect this is because I am still learning to work my creative muscles and have to continually tell myself it’s ok to play, to have fun, to create!

I use the art supplies because Vision as the word implies is a visual activity. It is about creating a visual representation of our desires. I used the word desire because an effective vision invokes emotion. Creating a powerful vision of where you want your business to go will guide you, motivate you and excite you. Being able to close your eyes and see and feel the vision coming true essentially begins the wiring within your body to make that vision a reality. One way to tap into this vision is to begin answering the following questions:

What will people be saying about my/our business a year from now? 2 years from now? 5 years from now? And, most importantly, How will I/we feel?

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