I am currently transitioning between leaving the cushy, comfortable corporate world to dive into my own business and this lead to me having an epiphany (at least for me) the other day. I have been working on believing I am truly good enough simply because I opened my eyes this morning and get to enjoy another awe-filled day on this planet (whether I notice it is awe-filled or not is another blog). I have been working on this very actively and consistently for about 3 years now and I am proud to say that most days I think I believe it! What I realized is that as I was working on letting go of needing external validation (which never seemed to hold enough weight for long), I realized I was starting to create a nice comfy spot for me to be mediocre. Realizing this made my skin crawl, a little shame cropped up but then so did a huge feeling of gratitude. Thank goodness I realized this when I did. The space I was creating has not yet become a habit so I believe it will be easy to change courses. What I realized is that I actually believe the following:

Yes, I am good enough simply because I opened my eyes on this glorious day. I get one more day to play here. I also believe that I have been put on this Earth to PLAY BIG each day. I am good enough – always AND I get to choose to be great. This is where my motivation to do things outside of my comfort zone comes from. Built on a solid foundation that I am good enough, no matter what, leaves me with the strong desire to achieve great things. I am good enough whether I am achieving great things or not but knowing that gives me the courage to go for greatness. I am good enough whether I “make it” the first time or the 100th time or the 1000th time.

I am good enough and I want my life to be great.