It is an honour to participate in this community newspaper. I am the sole proprietor of The LuminUS Group where I consult, train and coach organizations to step into the best version of themselves. I coach leaders and teams to heal and to nurture a working environment where all may thrive, create and grow. Prior to consulting I spent over a decade working as a licenced professional engineer in the private sector of an international water treatment company.

Through this writing, it is my intention to invoke curiosity and to share unique perspectives about building a Better Business.

I believe that better business is rooted in having a clear purpose. Many would say their purpose is to make money so they can stay open, pay their bills and acquire the material things that life has to offer. This is a goal, not a purpose.

To find the purpose of your business ask yourself, why do we exist as an organization. Getting clear about this is really important because it creates a strong, authentic foundation for current and future decision-making and acts as a lighthouse if you temporarily loose your way.

In my experience there are often many assumptions about the purpose of an organization. As the assumptions vary, so do decisions, behaviours and choices. Over time, these subconscious and conscious assumptions plant the seeds of confusion and even chaos.

It is a brilliant practice to connect about the purpose of your organization annually and, ideally, whenever there is a change of personnel, structure or direction. This practice enables all individuals in your organization to remain focused on purpose and nurtures
an environment where your team is able to combine their skills and passions to fulfil your purpose.

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